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What is the Q Standard?

A quality standard in any company is of the utmost importance and law firms are no different in this regard. A quality standard ensures not only that a firm has the correct policies and procedures in place, but also independently verifies this to ensure that the interests of the clients of the firm are in the best possible hands.

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What are the benefits?

Compliance with Law Society best practice guidelines
Increased success in tendering for new business.
Reduction of mistakes and improved risk management
Increased profitability
Enhancement of firm performance
Improved client care
Focused and fulfilled staff
State of the art systems and procedures

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Choosing the right Q Standard

There are four levels of the Q Standard, Q1000, Q3000, Q6000 and Q9000.
Each level builds on the preceding one, so that firms can progress through the levels at their own pace.
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CalQRisk & ILRS Partnership 

The Institute of Legal Research and Standards (ILRS) are delighted to announce our partnership with CalQRisk, an award winning provider of Governance, Risk and Compliance software. ILRS have partnered with CalQRisk to facilitate the delivery of the Q Standards implementation and audit processes. The Q Standards drive process excellence in legal practice and using the CalQRisk solution to audit helps keep the effort visible through the interactive dashboards and associated reports. The solution also facilitates ongoing monitoring of the key controls that have to be in place to maintain the Q Standards. Through regular reviews and system updates, ILRS helps our clients keep current with regulation, legislation while driving excellence in practice management.

The GDPR Bundle

This GDPR policy bundle is specifically designed for Irish Law Firms

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“The ILRS has been our external risk management auditor for a number of years. With their assistance we have introduced very effective risk management policies across every department in the firm. These policies have been invaluable in managing the challenges of running a busy legal practise. Furthermore in a legal world where obtaining new work is so often dependant on tenders, our Risk Audit Certification sets us apart from many of our competitors and gives potential clients the comfort of knowing that we are independently audited for Risk Management every year.”

Mark Woodcock

McDowell Purcell Solicitors

“We have been working with the Institute for several years and the peace of mind in knowing that our systems and procedures are independently checked annually is invaluable and gives our firm an added edge in a competitive market.”

John O’Beirne

Cullen, Tyrrell and O’Beirne.