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Welcome to the Institute of Legal Research and Standards, home of the Q Standard.

What is the Q Standard?
A quality standard in any company is of the utmost importance and law firms are no different in this regard. A quality standard ensures not only that a firm has the correct policies and procedures in place, but also independently verifies this to ensure that the interests of the clients of the firm are in the best possible hands.

Achieving a quality standard sends out very positive messages to the clients of the firm, employees of the firm, insurers and regulatory bodies amongst others, and provides peace of mind to the partners as they are reassured in the knowledge that policies and procedures are updated and then verified annually.

The ability to attract new business is dramatically enhanced in many areas including tendering, where accreditation is very favourably looked upon. Accredited firms benefit from increased client retention rates, improved employee productivity, less complaints and Law Society disciplinary matters, better awareness of current risks including cyber threats and they tend to renew their professional indemnity insurance on better terms.

The Institute of Legal Research and Standards is the home of the Q Standard, designed specifically for Irish Law Firms. It is the only Irish legal quality standard and has been designed by Irish lawyers for Irish lawyers. We have Q standards customised to suit firms of all sizes.

Benefits of having The Q Standard?
Compliance with Law Society best practice guidelines
Increased success in tendering for new business.
Reduction of mistakes and improved risk management
Increased profitability
Enhancement of firm performance
Improved client care
Focused and fulfilled staff
State of the art systems and procedures

Choosing the right Q Standard for your firm

Only suitable for sole practitioners without previous accreditation who want to put basic risk and practice management controls in place


This is an advanced level for firms with previous accreditation to either the Q3000 or Q6000 who have implemented comprehensive quality, risk and practice management systems.


Suitable for firms with good risk management procedures, whether previously accreditated or not


This standard is only suitable for a small number of elite firms with a number of years experience of quality, risk and practice management and who in addition have implemented strategic, innovative and state of the art systems.

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"The ILRS has been our external risk management auditor for a number of years. With their assistance we have introduced very effective risk management policies across every department in the firm. These policies have been invaluable in managing the challenges of running a busy legal practise. Furthermore in a legal world where obtaining new work is so often dependant on tenders, our Risk Audit Certification sets us apart from many of our competitors and gives potential clients the comfort of knowing that we are independently audited for Risk Management every year.
Mark Woodcock
McDowell Purcell Solicitors
GDPR Policy Bundle

This bundle includes all of the 2018 GDPR policies for Irish Law firms

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2018 GDPR Policies for Law Firms

Letter of Engagement (long)
Letter of Engagement (short)
Terms and Conditions of Business
Client Engagement Policy
New matter form
File opening policy
File Maintenance Policy
Client Complaints Handling Procedure
File review form
File closing form
File Closing Policy and Procedure
Risk Assessment Policy
Client Care Policy
File Retention and Destruction Policy
Policy on keeping staff updated on regulatory changes
Risk Management Policy
Agenda for partners meetings

Agenda for staff/team meetings
Staff Supervision and Training Policy
Office Manual
Employee Handbook
Employee Leaving Policy
Disaster Recovery Plan
Email, Internet, Intranet and Computer Usage Policy
Computer Back-up Policy
Confidentiality policy
Information Systems Security Policy
Website Policy
Data Protection Policy
Data Breach Protocol
Data Breach Register
Subject Access Request (SAR) Flowchart
SAR form
SAR Policy and Procedure

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