What is the Q Standard?

The Q Standard is a single quality and risk management standard recently launched by the Institute of Legal Research and Standards. It was developed as a result of the merging of the expertise of Outsource and Anne Neary Consultants.
The standard is offered on four levels:

The Q1000 which is for sole practitioners seeking first-time accreditation

The Q3000 which is the basic or entry level 

The Q6000 which is the intermediate level

The Q9000 which is the advanced standard and which is compliant with the ISO 9001:2008

Which level should I apply for?

The Q1000 is a new standard for sole practitioners with no prior accreditation.

The Q3000 equates to the Outsource QM Essentials Standard and Anne Neary Consultants LQ Foundation Standard.

The Q6000 equates to the Outsource QM Excel Standard and to the Anne Neary Consultants LQ Basic and LQ Intermediate Standards.The Q3000 is a shorter standard and this is reflected in the prices which are lower. The Q6000 contains the same three modules as the Q3000 and it has two extra modules. Click here for more information on the Q3000 and click here for more information on the Q6000.

This should give you enough information to decide which standard to go for and if you need any further assistance you can Click here for Choosing the right standard, phone the Institute of Legal Research and Standards at 01 2343727

How different is the Q Standard to the QM or the LQ Standards?

The Q Standard has been designed to be fully compatible with the QM and the LQ Standards.
All of the work that you have already invested in either the QM or the LQ Standards will apply to the Q Standard.

How do I apply for the Q Standard?

Simply contact us and we will send you an application form.
Click here for prices for the Q Standard.

Who will carry out my audit?

Your audit will be carried out by our panel of auditors who are all also qualified solicitors. Click here to view this panel.

What benefit will I get from obtaining an accreditation to the Q Standard?

The Q Standard works as a framework for the implementation and maintenance of appropriate risk and practice management systems which comply with the risk management requirements set out in the common proposal form.
Accreditation will allow you to distinguish your firm and demonstrate to insurers that your firm belongs to the top tier of law firms in Ireland which have a track record of compliance with risk management systems.

What will I expect during the audit?

Your audit will consist of a review of your documented policies and procedures and your auditor will interview you, review your documentation and make recommendations for improvements.
The focus of the audit will be on your firm’s commitment to continuous improvement in relation to your risk management systems.